Day 15

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I am taking over day 15 on the blog! The things I let go of today were not taking up a lot of space and I did use them occasionally but I felt they could bring someone else more joy/use than I am getting out of them. Turns out I was right! I already had someone ask me for some of these items. Also, I was holding onto some things just in case one day I needed them. It’s time to let go and clear the clutter from every aspect of our lives!


5 Benefits You Can Get From Minimalism

At this point of my minimalist journey I realized anyone can benefit from minimalism. At the beginning of march my husband and I began the minimalist game. Since then I’ve had many friends and coworkers ask what exactly I’m doing. I’m glad they have been inspired but I want them to know I am doing more than getting rid of things.

Here are 5 benefits I have received from minimalism and I think can help anyone:

  1. Minimalism changed the way I think of stuff. You know that really unhealthy way we value things. The hours we spend working to buy stuff that we won’t need in a few years maybe even months. I want my home to be filled with things that I use and that bring my life value.
  2. Minimalism changed the way I think about money. I have always heard that debt was bad but then I grew up and realized you can’t do anything without credit. To me that meant I need to buy things on credit to build my credit. Now I am working to pay off my debt so I can not be hindered to do things that add value to my life.
  3. Minimalism changed the way I dress. I was one of those people who had heaps of clothes. My closet and dresser was full of clothing I would look past unless I needed to do laundry and was forced to wear it. Now I have clothes I feel good wearing and my laundry load is way less. (I have recently started project 333 and will post about it soon)
  4. Minimalism changed the way I think about relationships. Have you ever went out for coffee with a friend and all you could think of was how much you have to do at home? That was me. I had laundry, cooking, and cleaning on my list and wouldn’t enjoy the time with a friend. Since minimalism came into my life  I am working to value relationships and spend time with people getting to know them.
  5. Minimalism changed the way I think about time. Time is valuable. We only have a certain amount of time on this earth. Our choices we make determine what we will be doing with that time. Do you want to spend all your time working for “stuff”?


Minimalism changed the way I use my phone! (Still working on this) I do not want to miss out on my life because my face is stuck in my phone.



Where it all began

A year and a half ago I moved out of my parents house into a new home with my husband. 3 days before our wedding I moved all of my clothing into the house. We have a decent size closet and the normal his and hers dressers. My husband, Anthony, had his clothes in 2 drawers of the tall dresser and a small part of the closet. After I was finished putting all my clothes away I have taken up the rest of the closet, the rest of his dresser (3 drawers) and the whole other dresser! At the time I didn’t really care because “hey, I have the room right?” But as time went on I began not having the room. I couldn’t shut drawers, ran out of hangers and there was so many items I hadn’t touched in months. So I did what anyone would do I cleaned out my closet but a few months later I was back to my previous predicament: a lot of clothes and no where to put it.

December 2016 things changed for me. We were bored one night and watched the minimalist documentary. They talked about living a life with less so you can have more. Was my stuff really taking over my life? In a sense, YES, I was constantly reorganizing and going out and buying things to make my life “easier”. The first weekend in January My husband and I combed through my house and piled things up to donate and sell. We donated over 300 items in one day and also sold a few things. My clothes actually fit into one dresser and the closet!

Although our minimalism journey has just begun and if you look at my house you would not say I’m a minimalist, I have changed my mindset on how I think of things. They are just things. I have changed the definition of need in my life. I am letting go of pointless items that are just taking up space and making room for things that add value to our lives.

“We are not our stuff; we are more than our possessions.” -the minimalists




As Anthony mentioned in a previous post we are currently on a 10 day vacation. Last night we packed our things to start the trip back home. One thing became apparent as I repackage my things, I overpacked. As I was organizing my things repacking then there was many items I hadn’t used in the last 10 days. I like to be prepared but let’s be honest I do not need 3 different face lotions. 

Tomorrow we start the minimalist challenge. I am challenging myself to find out what I really use everyday and what items are just taking up space because I “might” need them. The minimalist use the 20/20 rule: Can the item be replaced in 20 minutes for less than $20? If yes there’s a good chance I do not need to keep it if I do not use it every day.