Day 18


Day 13

Along with my thirteen items I’m discarding from my life during our minimalist game, I’d like to share one of my recent experiences with minimalism. Since we’ve discarded, sold, or donated even a small portion of our junk from our house, I’ve noticed I have more time; more time with my family, more time to create, more time to be creative. I actually picked up my electric guitar for the first time in quite a while. I played along with some of my favorite songs for about an hour this past weekend. Without the clutter of random things in every room of our home, it’s easy to finally see the things we used to enjoy. 

Today, I’m discarding some prototyping boards, and a few 3D prints I no longer use. 


I’m trying to be honest with myself about crafts. Sometimes things just don’t work out. While a good portion of my day thirteen items are things I’ve created on my 3D printer, I’m still trying to let them go. They weren’t failed 3D prints by any means. For instance, the gun holster I printed in lime green (pictured below) was actually a great print and a huge success. However, I didn’t actually end up using it. Along with the other things I tried tinkering with. Things are things. Weather I bought them or made them. They are taking up space and no longer add any value to my life. When you sit down and actually think about the item your holding in your hand, you can ask your self, am I going to use this in the next 90 days? Have I used this in the past 90 days? Does this thing bring me joy? Does it add value to my life? After you’ve put your things through this mental flow chart, you can start letting go of things easier. 

House fire

That age old question “if your house were to be on fire, what is one thing you’d get before running out?” Maybe a box of photo albums, your passport, or your computer? For me, I’d get our German shepherd, lemon meringue. (Pictured below). However, it’s really unlikely that I’d get any sort of material possession. The minimalists, Josh and Ryan, talked about this exact subject in a recent podcast. Often times we give too much value to our trinkets. In reality, things are just things. They can be replaced if you truly need them. If my house were to burn to the ground, sure it would be an inconvenience, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. We are not our stuff. 


Ten items leave our house today. Clothing items I no longer wear and a few odds and ends I find hiding in drawers and closets. It seems like I’m finding a lot of stuff I kept “just because” or because it was useful at some point but it isn’t now. 

“We must be responsible about the new bits and pieces we bring into our lives today, and we must be equally sensible when those things become obsolete. A willingness to let go is life’s most mature virtue.” – the minimalists


I am starting to dig a little deep to find things. Yet, somehow… it all keeps flowing out of our home easily. Today, I opened a box of things that I considered a hobby (building a micro-computer) while I kept some other things from that same box, I took out the unnecessary items I know I’m not going to use like these tiny motherboards and miscellaneous computer parts. 

Day Eight

Today we say goodbye to two coats and a pair of jeans that don’t fit me right but were expensive so I kept, three Xbox games, a battery for a drill I don’t even have, and a box of material samples I thought I could use some how, some day. That some day really never happens…