I’m trying to be honest with myself about crafts. Sometimes things just don’t work out. While a good portion of my day thirteen items are things I’ve created on my 3D printer, I’m still trying to let them go. They weren’t failed 3D prints by any means. For instance, the gun holster I printed in lime green (pictured below) was actually a great print and a huge success. However, I didn’t actually end up using it. Along with the other things I tried tinkering with. Things are things. Weather I bought them or made them. They are taking up space and no longer add any value to my life. When you sit down and actually think about the item your holding in your hand, you can ask your self, am I going to use this in the next 90 days? Have I used this in the past 90 days? Does this thing bring me joy? Does it add value to my life? After you’ve put your things through this mental flow chart, you can start letting go of things easier. 


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