Where it all began

A year and a half ago I moved out of my parents house into a new home with my husband. 3 days before our wedding I moved all of my clothing into the house. We have a decent size closet and the normal his and hers dressers. My husband, Anthony, had his clothes in 2 drawers of the tall dresser and a small part of the closet. After I was finished putting all my clothes away I have taken up the rest of the closet, the rest of his dresser (3 drawers) and the whole other dresser! At the time I didn’t really care because “hey, I have the room right?” But as time went on I began not having the room. I couldn’t shut drawers, ran out of hangers and there was so many items I hadn’t touched in months. So I did what anyone would do I cleaned out my closet but a few months later I was back to my previous predicament: a lot of clothes and no where to put it.

December 2016 things changed for me. We were bored one night and watched the minimalist documentary. They talked about living a life with less so you can have more. Was my stuff really taking over my life? In a sense, YES, I was constantly reorganizing and going out and buying things to make my life “easier”. The first weekend in January My husband and I combed through my house and piled things up to donate and sell. We donated over 300 items in one day and also sold a few things. My clothes actually fit into one dresser and the closet!

Although our minimalism journey has just begun and if you look at my house you would not say I’m a minimalist, I have changed my mindset on how I think of things. They are just things. I have changed the definition of need in my life. I am letting go of pointless items that are just taking up space and making room for things that add value to our lives.

“We are not our stuff; we are more than our possessions.” -the minimalists




2 thoughts on “Where it all began

  1. Yes, we are not out stuff, but as I just commented elsewhere, our stuff can be/become us, right? As in it can displace us, replace our dreams, etc. Don’t you think?


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