It’s been a while since we were introduced to minimalism. Since then, we’ve been slimming down the items in our house. We took a car load of items to the local Salvation Army. It was mostly things we were just hanging onto for the sake of having things; old gifts, duplicate items, etc. It was exciting to finally see the floor in the office. 
I discovered that I was unhappy with about 90% of the clothes I owned, most of which didn’t fit right or were stained. I found that I really love the shirts my work gave me so much, I ordered the same brand and size online, five plain black and 3 plain grey. With only two choices, it really reduced the stress of choosing what to wear. I still have my “for when” clothes like my two suits, one grey and one black, and a couple nice dress shirts for church and special occasions. I think it’s pretty important to be happy with 100% of the clothing items I own. My wife thinks I look like a cartoon character because it looks like I wear the same thing everyday but I like it. It helps with the laundry too. Because I don’t have as much excess clothing items, it’s easier to stay on top of laundry instead of just letting it pile up because I still have a whole closet full of clothes I’ll never end up wearing. This has been such a relief. 


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